Pig genetics

Our pig purchasing policy aims at buying DanAvl hybrid pigs.

The DanAvl hybrid is a pig from the crossing of 3 breeds – Danish Landrace /L/, Yorkshire /Y/ and Duroc /D/ and is internationally proven to be successful.

DanAvl guarantees consistently high meat quality with a pure meat ratio of over 62% and excellent flavour.


High quality feed supplies are provided by the plant production companies of Bonafarm Group. Altogether more than 300,000 tons of feed is produced, which guarantee the efficient growth of high-quality slaughter pigs.


Our company complies with Hungarian and EU traceability regulations and requirements.

Owing to our strategic partnership with the Bonafarm Group, we can trace all the origin information of each pig in an entirely integrated system.

Quality policy, certificates

Our quality policy drives each of our activities, with an eye to continuously ensuring the highest quality, which is confirmed through regular animal welfare audits and independent accredited laboratory tests.

We comply with the following quality and food safety systems:

  • IFS 6
  • Tesco FMS 6

The acquisition of further international certificates and licences is ongoing, to certify the high level quality compliance of our activities.

GMO free

Hungary is guaranteed by its Constitution to be a GMO-free country. Owing to the cooperation scheme between the Bonafarm Group and our company, we will be the first pig slaughterhouse in Hungary to also offer certified GMO-free pork to the domestic and international markets from 2017.