Company Profile

MCS Slaughterhouse Ltd. is one of Hungary’s most modern slaughtering, deboning, cutting and packing plants operating cost efficiently with long-term sustainability that was implemented in the town of Mohács as a green-field project with a budget of HUF 21 billion in 2016.
The 26,000 m2 facility of the Mohács slaughterhouse, equipped with cutting edge technology, has a total annual slaughtering capacity of 1 million pigs and operates in compliance with the most stringent food safety and hygiene regulations.

Our plant, that employs nearly 700 people, produces chilled pork cuts and packaged meats for domestic sales and frozen meat products for export.
MCS Slaughterhouse Ltd. is a strategic partner of the Bonafarm Group and the base material supplier of Pick Szeged Co., that also belongs to the Group.

At our slaughterhouse, production can take into account and be flexibly tailored to actual market needs and offer a higher added value, which enables the high-level utilisation of market opportunities.
Capitalising on the benefits of the modern technology used and the available economies of scale, we aim at becoming a competitive player of the Hungarian and international markets.

Our facility can slaughter 3,200 pigs and 400 sows per shift and has a daily packaging capacity of 130 tons.
Our slaughterhouse provides the meat base material for Pick Szeged Co. The heavy sows slaughtered by us provide the base material for the production of the world-famous PICK Winter Salami and Mangalica products.
After deboning, the meat of objective pigs is sold as fresh minced meat or as different sliced, cut meat parts, in modified atmosphere or vacuum packaging.
Different deboning lines designed for different body parts are available in our facility, which significantly enhances our efficiency.
Higher technological speed significantly improves the quality of products as it enables the closed packaging of meat products within 1-2 hours after cutting and deboning.


MCS Vágóhíd Kft. is established

2013. 04. 12.

Sale and Purchase Agreement

MCS Vágóhíd Kft. (legal successor: MCS Vágóhíd Zrt.) enters into a property sale and purchase agreement with the Municipal Government of Mohács for the purchase of the 23.3435-hectare property, which had been formed through the combination of several smaller properties and was registered under Topographical Lot # 0145/21.

2013. 05. 08.

Strategic cooperation

Strategic cooperation (syndicate) agreement with the Bonafarm Group and Pick Szeged Co.

2013. 09. 02.

General Planner

Conclusion of a general planner contract with ATP

2013. 12. 13.


Execution of the EKD1 contract (establishment of a slaughtering and boning plant)

2014. 06. 26.

Key Project

The Hungarian Government granted the project the “project of special importance for the national economy” status

2014. 07. 17.


Conclusion of a technology contract with MPS: MPS Red Meat Slaughtering BV – Slaughter line and deboning & cutting

2014. 08. 04.

Transformation into a share holding company (“Zrt.”)

MCS Vágóhíd Kft. is transformed into a share holding company and renamed MCS Vágóhíd Zrt.

2014. 11. 12.


Conclusion of a general contractor contract with Market Zrt.

2015. 04. 16.

Launch of construction

Launch of construction

2015. 04. 17.

MPS contract

Conclusion of a technology contract with MPS

2015. 11. 02.


Execution of the EKD2 contract (plant enlargement: establishment of the packaging and logistical support units)

2015. 12. 29.


Launch of technology installation

from 2016. 01.

Branch ceremony

Reaching the highest point of the facility, “branch ceremony”

2016. 02. 05.

Test run

Test runs have been launched separately for the different plant units, from late 2016

from 2016. 12.

Operating licence

With the acquisition of the operating licence, large-scale pig slaughtering starts at the Mohács Slaughterhouse.

2017. 01. 10.

Live operation

Our plant currently slaughters over 2,000 pigs a day, and the number will continuously increase, until full capacity utilisation is reached.

from 2017. 03.

Fire Safety Licence

The slaughterhouse successfully complied with the authority regulations related to fire safety and was granted the licence.

2017. 03. 29.

Change of ownership

An agreement has been reached on the sale of MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. between Home 2000 Kft. and Sándor Csányi.

2017. 04. 20.

Plant inauguration ceremony

The plant is officially opened, at an inauguration ceremony attended by the Prime Minister

2017. 04. 25.