About us

MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. implemented – as a green-field investment – a modern, flexible and long-term sustainable plant. The factory contains of a slaughterhouse, cutting-deboning and packaging plant that is capable of the slaughter of 1 million pigs per year in one slaughter line. A wastewater treatment plant also belongs to the factory.

With this investment an effective, higher value-added production can be carried out that focuses on the needs of the market and can flexibly adapt to them, furthermore it enables the higher level utilisation of market opportunities. MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. intends to be a competitive market participant in both the Hungarian and the international market by using the applied modern technology and the advantages of economies of scale.

The nearly 26.000 m² investment is implemented on a 23 acre property in Mohács. The plant is fulfilling even the highest level of regulations and requirements.

MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. became one of the most significant employers in the region as our company provides jobs for appr. 700 employees.

The Path of Our Quality Pork

A strategic partner of MCS Slaughterhouse Ltd. is the Bonafarm Group, which can ensure the tracing of each pig in a unique manner, in an entirely integrated system.

Crop Production

All processes start in the fields. “Bonafarm Agriculture” uses the most modern technology and crop types to ensure the production of top quality fodder for the animal populations of its own and of its partners.

Fodder Production

The feeding of animals deserves special attention. The supply of fodders from market-leader Bábolna by Bonafarm guarantee that the diet of the pigs collected by us always suits the animals’ age and state of health and the season.

Pig breeding

Our pig breeding focuses on the DanAvl hybrid pig. DanAvl is a guarantee for consistently high meat quality, with a pure meat ratio of over 62%, and for excellent flavour. The Pig Division of Bonafarm ensures that only pigs with good genes and excellent fattening capabilities are sent to our slaughterhouse.


Our meat raw material complies with the most stringent animal health requirements and the relevant quality control and food safety standards.