Privacy and cookies policy

Protection of personal information

This Privacy and Cookies Policy (hereafter: Policy) contains rules and related information regarding the privacy policy of personal data management of the users’ (hereafter: User or Visitor) personal information stipulated in this Policy visiting the website (hereafter: Website) operated by Pick Szeged Zrt (H-6725 Szeged, Szabadkai út 18.,Company reg. number: 06-10-000065, Privacy Policy registration number: NAIH-108671/2016) as data controller in accordance with the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (hereafter: Freedom of Information Act).

The security and confidential handling of personal information is a high priority for the editors of the Website of  Pick Szeged Zrt. Pick Szeged Zrt manages both personal and public data in accordance with the regulations of  Freedom of Information Act taking account of the user’s right to dispose of the publication and usage of his/her personal information.

No personal information is required to access the information published on the Website. Some functions of the Website require registration. Certain personal information (name, e-mail address) is required for registration, however personal data provision for registration purposes for the Website shall always be voluntary based on this Policy, accordingly the Visitor shall be able to decide whether to provide personal information or not. By submitting his/her personal data the User takes responsibility for the validity of the provided data, and accepts the responsibility for the prompt notification of Pick Szeged Zrt. in the case of any changes in the provided data.

Pick Szeged Zrt. shall disclose provided data to third parties only with the explicit consent of the affected person with the exception of situations regulated by the law.

While performing its activities, Pick Szeged Zrt. have the following basic principles:

By filling and submitting the registration form the User consent to the management and storage of the provided personal data. Pick Szeged Zrt. shall use any deliberately provided personal information exclusively for the case it was provided, any other manner of data usage shall be prohibited.

Pick Szeged Zrt. continuously collects data about Website traffic, number and type of visits. Such registration and personal information shall only be published in summarized forms in a manner not allowing the identification of individual Users, in order to analyse the needs and interests of the visitors for the development of its own services. Pick Szeged Zrt. is has the right to publish statistics and share such data with its business partners.

The User has the right to request information regarding his/her data handled by Pick Szeged Zrt.

Upon request of the affected person, Pick Szeged Zrt shall provide information on the data it handles or processes, on the source, on the aim of data processing, legal basis, timeframe of data processing, on the name and address (seat) of the data processing organisation, on its data processing related activities and in the case of data disclosures on entities to whom the data are/were disclosed, and on the purpose of such disclosures.Pick Szeged Zrt shall provide written information within the shortest time possible, at most within 30 days of the request.

The registered User may request the correction of his/her personal data recorded incorrectly at any time. The User may request the correction of their incorrect personal data from Pick Szeged Zrt. The registered User may request deletion or blocking of his/her personal data. Deletion shall be requested in a written form submitted to Pick Szeged Zrt.

The registered user may object to the handling of his/her personal data if

  1. the handling (disclosure) of personal data is required exclusively for the enforcement of a right or the lawful interest of the data controller or the party receiving the data, unless the data handling was ordered by law;
  2. the personal data is used or disclosed for the purpose of direct marketing, public opinion polling or scientific research;
  3. the exercise of the right of objection is otherwise permitted by law.

If the objection is found to be unequivocally justified, Pick Szeged Zrt as the data controller shall comply with such request within 5 working days of the date of receipt.

In case his/her rights are violated, the registered User may file a court action against the data controller.

Handling of personal data provided by the registered User shall not be terminated until it is necessary for the achievement of its purpose or the User unsubscribes – using the given username – from the Service and in addition claims for the deletion of his/her data. The date of deletion shall be within 5 working days of the date of receipt of the request. In case of withdrawal of consent from future data handling, please notify us:

In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act Pick Szeged Zrt. is obliged to use the services of data processors for the purpose of fulfilling maintenance and other duties. Performing these duties the data processor may have access to personal information to the extent strictly necessary. Personal information controlled by Pick Szeged Zrt. shall be protected by all legal means. The Website contains external links to other websites. Pick Szeged Zrt. shall not accept any responsibility for the content and privacy policy of such external websites. Pick Szeged Zrt. reserves the right to make any changes regarding the operation of the Website. Pick Szeged Zrt. reserves the right to make any unilateral changes to this Policy.

Description and handling of HTTP cookies

In order to provide customised services this website uses anonymous identification information so called HTTP cookies. Cookies are a string of information used for authentication and storage of profile information which are saved on the user’s computer. When revisiting the same website data stored in cookies can be read by the website in order to get information about the previous activities of the user (e.g. user preferences and settings, authentication information, customised advertisements and website analysis). Cookies allow the website to recognise the user’s device but not the user itself.

Please note that in accordance with Section 155/4 of Act No. C of 2003 on Electronic Communications preliminary notification and user permission is required for using cookies on our website. Therefore when you visit the website of Pick Szeged Zrt. for the first time you get a pop-up notification about the fact that Pick Szeged Zrt. is using cookies and a link referring to this Policy.

The user can give permission for using cookies by clicking on the „Accept” button.

Without consent or after revocation of his/her consent our website shall not place cookies on the user’s device.

The following cookies are used for operating the Website:

  1. Session cookie – is used to identify the working session.
  2. Poll cookie – is used to verify the number of votes per user.
  3. so-called xsrf cookie – is used to prevent hackers from submitting data on behalf of the user.

Please note that for social media and statistical purposes this website may place third-party cookies on your device.

  1. Google Analytics: is used for independent tracking and auditing of the traffic and other web analytics of our website using external servers. (
  2. so-called Facebook cookie: allows liking and sharing the content of the website.

This website contains links or icons to other websites – e.g. Facebook like buttons, YouTube video links – referring to the given website. Further information on cookies used by these websites are published on the given website. Pick Szeged Zrt. shall not verify third-party websites and shall not accept any responsibility for the content of such websites.

If you prefer not to accept certain types of cookies, you can set your browser to reject them or to alert you before one is placed. For further information on these functions and cookie settings please check your browser’s settings or visit the websites of the following service providers to learn how to switch on or off their cookie based advertisements:

Please note that blocking cookies may result in some functions of the Website (e.g. polls) not working properly.

If you have any question or suggestions or need information regarding your personal data handled by Pick Szeged Zrt. please contact our data protection officer at

In case of the User is not satisfied with the data controller’s response, complaints regarding the handling of data may be filed with the courts or the User may refer to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (