Premium meat

The MCS Slaughterhouse Co. is committed to serve its consumers with high quality, excellent products. Nowadays consumers are more and more conscious – and as food is a product of trust, it’s no wonder that more and more customers would like to know the origin of their food on their table. We know that our customers and consumers expect us – in order to accomplish this – to know the origin of the raw materials and ensure their quality. The cooperation between Bonafarm Group’s pig farming division and MCS Slaughterhouse Co. generated all those joint developments, that resulted the high added value meat products to be launched at the end of 2018 and supported by three basic pillars: only GMO-free feed during the whole lifetime, responsible antibiotic usage and ensuring an environment meeting higher animal welfare requirements.

  • GMO-free feed during the whole lifetime
  • Production of feed mixtures in line with the Hungarian and EU GMO-free regulations
  • Certified 100% GMO-free feed raw materials
  • Pigs fattened with antibiotic-free feed
  • Responsible antibiotic usage
  • Ignoring antibiotics critical in human medication
  • Farms with Global G.A.P. animal welfare certification
  • Low deployment density, more space and less stress
  • Environment enriched with toys and other elements
Premium product family
prémium sertéstarja
boneless, sliced
prémium szeletelt karaj
boneless, sliced
prémium sertéscomb
boneless, sliced
prémium göngyölt szűzpecsenye
prémium sertés oldalas
Meaty ribs
prémium sertés darálthús
Minced meat
7% fat content
prémium sertés darálthús
Minced meat
20% fat content
prémium sertés darálthús
Minced meat
30% fat content
prémium sertéscomb gulyáshús
Ham goulash meat
prémium sertéslapocka gulyáshús
Shoulder goulash meat

Compliance with the above listed elements are certified by a third party for MCS Slaughterhouse Co. So, the biggest advantage of the products labelled with the “PICK Fresh meat” logo is that they meet strict requirements, as well as are fully traceable. We know, that it is important to our consumers and we would like to help them in getting more accurate information in this field. So, let’s see what each icon represents!


What does GMO mean?

GMO means genetically modified organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been artificially modified to a form which does not exist in nature.

GMO-free pork meat

The starting point for a meat originated from a GMO-free production is a GMO-free feed. The feed from genetically modified crops are the genetically modified versions of conventional crops to have a greater resistance to pesticides, pests and viruses. In case of pork meat, the “GMO-free production” label can be applied, if the animal has not been fed with feed containing GMO raw materials in at least the last 4 months from separation. This is the case on the Bonafarm Group’s pig farms for the whole lifetime, so from the birth of the piglets. The other condition of GMO-free labelling at products of animal origin is that the GMO-free feeding could be traced back in the whole food chain. To be able to use the GMO-free certificate strict domestic and international standards shall be met.

GMO-free status at Bonafarm Group

The Bonafarm integrated food processing company has built up a traceability system covering the entire product line – from seed production to arable crops, feed milling, pig growing and processing – which fully complies with the current legislation on GMO-free production.


Feed mixtures produced in the feed mill of Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. are in line with the Hungarian and EU GMO-free regulations, which is verified by regular GMO laboratory testing.


Pigs grown on the farms of the Bonafarm Group are fed with 100% GMO-free feed mixtures in their entire life.


The slaughtering and processing are made by MCS Slaughterhouse Co., strategic partner of Bonafarm Group in line with the domestic and European traceability standards, as well as in line with the strictest food safety standards (HACCP, IFS Food V6, TFMS V6).


Antibiotic-free feeding

Pigs processed into meat products labelled with a “PICK Fresh meat” logo are fattened in 100% with antibiotic-free feed, the quality of which is verified by a strict traceability system.

What are the critical antibiotics?

Nowadays more and more organizations and consumers are concerned about the antibiotic resistance. In response to this, the World Health Organization (WHO) prepared a list on those antibiotics which are important in human health. On our pig farms we completely eliminate the usage of those antimicrobial agents that are critical for humans and are enlisted by the World Health Organization. These include, for example, quinolones, macrolides and ketolides, cephalosporins (3rd, 4th and 5th generation), or polymyxins.

What does responsible antibiotic usage mean?

As part of the responsible antibiotic usage we believe that the effect of the antibiotics is important for human health and animal welfare, including those that are important in human medicine. As a result of this, we are not using routine or growth-enhancing antibiotics on our farms, furthermore we completely ignore all those antibiotics that are critical from human health point of view. We do not use antibiotics routinely – so we do not treat our pigs for prevention. We strive to reduce the antibiotics usage to a minimum level and we monitor this on a regular basis. Our primary objective is to get our suppliers to minimize their antibiotics usage, while the well-being of the pigs is ensured. Of course, health and well-being of the pigs are the most important for us, so if a pig gets ill and no other medical treatment is available and the vet of the given farm decides, the above-mentioned antibiotics can be used. In such a case, the treated pigs are delivered to the slaughterhouse with an individual labelling, ensuring their separation.


What does high animal welfare mean?

Pigs delivered to the slaughterhouse were born and raised on a farm with high animal welfare status. On these farms we are paying special attention to the health of the sows, piglets and pigs, as well as to the restful environment. High animal welfare status of the Bonafarm Group farms is verified by the Global G.A.P. certification.

What is Global G.A.P.?

The Global G.A.P. (G.A.P. = Good Agricultural Practice) is an international standard, that is a world leading Farm Assurance program being present in more than 100 countries at the moment. It defines the foundations of good agricultural operation, laying down strict rules among others for animal husbandry and fattening. With meeting these standards, consumers can be assured that raw materials are coming from a farm that is traceable and meeting the strict animal husbandry rules.

How does high animal welfare manifest itself?

High animal welfare is ensured by several things on the farms, among others with a stress-free, restful environment. Highlighting just a few:

  • Hygienic environment
  • Careful growing, attention
  • Deployment density, lower than the required (providing 30-45% more space)
  • Good ventilation and air quality
  • Environment enriched with toys and other elements, with which the pigs love to play, thanks to their curious nature
  • Exceptionally low transportation time from the farms to the slaughterhouse (this is less than 3 hours in all cases – EU legislations define maximum 8 hours)


In case of pigs arriving to the MCS slaughterhouse we know their origin, feeding and growing. This is made possible by a closed, integrated and strictly monitored system, so absolutely safe food is provided to the consumers’ table. Products with “PICK Fresh meat” logo are made from pigs grown on 100% reliable, Hungarian farms, with careful breeding.



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